War And What Follows

War and violence is the untold truth about humanity. It is not like those aspects are persistent in society, it is important to understand that we created those evils, doesn’t matter willing or not. It is satirical enough to think that first man builds huge buildings only to destroy everything later because of his ego. The foremost question we need to ask ourselves today is

Where does war and violence originate from?

If we are to be uproot from the base, war take place because of disagreements and arguments within society and violence is the essence of a war.

Nations have destroyed each other over petty arguments and have cursed two world wars which have caused enough destruction to the world. War and violence doesn’t effect mankind as one but effects each person, every family deeply and gravely. People’s houses are destroyed, the memories which they made once upon a time vanish in midst of all the hatred.

How can war and violence be avoided?

This in fact is the question of the millennium. People have the tendency to always argue and prove only their point as the best end. A solution can be arrived on which is in accordance to everyone through dialogue. Decisions through dialogue and consensus prove to be peaceful and fruitful in society with the foremost importance being given to people’s participation as they are the one who get effected at each step in the decision-making process.

War doesn’t determine who is right from time immemorial. We continue to see the shattered faces of humans be it the two world wars, 9/11 or catastrophic violence in Syria. Who is to blame? The terrorists solely or the circumstances which led to their rise. Super powers like America and Russia might be taking several steps to terminate terrorists through strategic plans like bombardment, however, no proactive method has been taken to curb terrorism.

An for an eye will make the whole world blind. About 118 nations have signed and rectified the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. However, it’s pillars are weak and it is far from being executed. We fight in the name of religion, justice and territory but which religion promotes crime against our own kind? What justice do we get from massacre of innocent families. What is the conquest of territory through blood? It seems we have forgotten the essence of humanity.

We are following the footsteps of Hitler, glorifying war and violence. We need to reconnect to our roots, remember the philosophy of eminent personalities like Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther king Jr. It is through small or firm steps that a change will come. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only, light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.”

By Bhavya Bansal

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