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Is the World Advancing Towards a Cold War 2.0?

Relations between countries are degrading day by day. Tensions are rising. Military advancement, supporting adversaries of one country, terrorism are all contributing to the new state of affairs in International politics, which I believe, may or may not one day develop into a cold war. Let us check on a few regions.

Indian Subcontinent

This is a nuclear hot-spot, with a three-country nuclear axis (India, China, Pakistan). In the backyard, the US is playing with it’s bombs (cough, Afghanistan).

India and Pakistan had tensions from the day they were partitioned from the British India. This has been marked by the Kashmir conflict, four wars between them and a perceived nuclear standoff. Since then, Pakistan has been using terrorists to “bleed India with 1000 cuts”, but denies using terrorists to achieve it’s role. Recently, relations between countries are  going downhill again as India conducted a surgical strike in PoK and Pakistan’s forces mutilated Indian soldiers.

Image result for anti terrorist operation india
Soldiers guarding the Indo-Pak border

Sino-India tensions are marked with territorial claims and economic/military race. China claims Arunachal Pradesh as a part of it, and has annexed Aksai Chin during the 1962 Sino-India war. China has also supported Pakistan in many instances, recently blocking the move in UN to designate Masood Azhar as a terrorist and investing in/creating a port in Pakistan, while providing Pakistan with military equipment. The military advancements by both the countries are also one reason to worry.

Image result for indian brahmos missile test
India test-firing BrahMos, the fastest cruise missile

An unrelated front is Afghanistan, where there’s a war going on in which US has clearly failed to achieve it’s objective and is losing. US has recently dropped the GBU-43 (MOAB) to somewhat align themselves to the pestering situation there. Afghanistan contains pesky termites (terrorists) which doesn’t allow it to develop in a regulated manner, and the US has been trying to eliminate them. Meanwhile, India has helped Afghanistan in building a new Parliament, China’s relations with it are also good. The odd one out is Pakistan, which Afghanistan accuses to be a sponsor of terror, a claim backed by India.

Bombing in Afghanistan

Korean Peninsula

The main player here is North Korea which is playing with some smuggled nuclear technology. North Korea, isolated from the world and not a part of UN, threatens the neighboring South Korea and USA with the use of nuclear weapons. It’s like giving a gun to a toddler. North Korea has even claimed to have a thermonuclear (fusion) bomb, which is much more powerful than the conventional nuclear fission bombs.

South Korea has requested the US to set up THAAD to protect themselves from rising nuke threats from North Korea. US has also sent some troops in the Korean Peninsula, further provoking the North Koreans to test another ballistic missile. Japan is also worried about their security as they don’t want another May 1945.

Related image

China has been North Korea’s biggest trade partner, with the country being dependent on it. China refuses to cede it’s trade with North Korea, something which irks South Korea, US and Japan.

South China Sea

China’s claim toward the South China Sea is established in history, going back to records from the Xia and Han traditions. China portrays its cases by means of the nine-dash line, which Chiang Kai Shek progressed in 1947. During China’s republican time, China studied, mapped and named 291 islands and reefs in the locale.

The United States battles that the SCS is international waters, and sway in the territory ought to be dictated by the UNCLOS. UNCLOS states that nations can’t guarantee sway over any land masses that are submerged at high tide, or that were already submerged yet have been raised above high tide level by development.

Image result for south china sea
Chinese & Vietnamese Navy in South China Sea

Control of the SCS would enable China to command a noteworthy exchange course through which the vast majority of its transported in oil streams. It would likewise enable China to upset, or debilitate to disturb, exchange shipments to all nations in East and Southeast Asia — and in addition deny access to foreign military strengths, especially the United States. Also, the floor of the SCS may contain monstrous oil and petroleum gas saves.

China is rapidly advancing it’s military tests near the SCS, which makes US and its allies and some other countries around wary of it. US also regularly tries to conduct maritime drills in the area, further escalating the conflict into a military one.

Europe & West

Brexit, Trump’s unpredictable decisions, rising distrust among EU members, sanctions and hatred towards Russia and the rising insecurity among the Europeans contribute to a good amount of feeling that their country should go to war with their adversaries.

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