A few months ago, I asked my teacher about the entire crisis emerging in the Middle East. I wondered why the USA intruded between Kuwait and Iraq and declared a war. President Bush had an inane reason for this Persian Gulf War,  “it was a help to Iraq.” How can someone help any country by waging a war?

I asked my teacher the reason for USA’s odd statement. The simple statement that she said puzzled me.

“The world runs on oil.”

So here we are again with a story where oil is more important than lives.

The North Pole

The North Pole is over five million square miles in size and could potentially contain 13% of the world’s oil reserves. Melting icecaps are also a reason for it becoming more and more accessible.

USA, Russia, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, and Canada are after North Pole’s sovereignty.

They claim to access part of it. But can they really access a natural resource this easily?

In 2001, Russia sent its bid to the United Nations Convention on the law of the sea. Denmark, with its Scandinavian partner Norway, also sent its bids. In 2007, Russia with the help of their science department sent a team undersea and planted a rust free flag. “If the United States can host their flag on the moon, then it’s just a seabed,” a Russian minister said on a news channel.  

The current battle focuses entirely on who owns the resources of the Arctic. But, the ill-effects of this situation are being ignored. Scientists are deeply concerned with this emerging problem of global warming. Why are they after these resources? Aren’t they concerned about the citizens over there?

A few years ago, in order to clear the mess out from their country, Canada drained all its pollutants from their country into the Arctic Ocean. This thoughtless act resulted in such serious problems that mothers were unable to breastfeed their children because dangerous pollutants were found in their bodies as they consumed polluted water. Their milk was poisonous for their children.

Reports confirm that people have scarce resources due to the marine life being completely destroyed in this waging game.

What is this crisis all about?

The North Pole is not even proper land. It is just ice floating over international waters. The governmental body that allows the countries to own such things is United Nations.

The United Nations Convention on the Law of Sea declared the ownership rights.

Each nation holds within 200 nautical miles of area from their shores and 300 nautical miles of their continents.

“It is here that Shell plans to drill for oil, pulling the detonator on a carbon bomb which eventually could spray 150bn tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.” – The Guardian

The environmental catastrophe  

Even the United States is no less than another country (as we all know). The United States started illegal drilling from Alaska under the sea which is extremely hazardous. This intensive drilling is headed by the Shell from the northern shores.

  The Arctic´s ice sheet causes what´s called the albedo effect, i.e. the reflection of the sun´s light back into space. And the permafrost, i.e. frozen soil, which covers a vast expanse of Russian territory along the Arctic, contains huge amounts of the potent greenhouse gas methane. Hence, the melting processes taking place in this part of the globe may ultimately cause a worldwide deluge – a rise in sea water levels so rapid that hundreds of millions of people will be swept away almost overnight. Meanwhile, some states are getting prepared to enforce their claims over portions of the Arctic by military means. Russia, reportedly, is building special Arctic armed forces, and Canada has started construction of a military base in the region. Yet the very idea of oil and gas exploration in the Arctic Circle seems an absurd proposition. Instead, there are strong reasons to demand that Russia and other Northern nations refrain from any exploration or extraction of fuel resources in the North Pole and the Arctic

 a reporter from countercurrents.org stated in one of his articles dated as of October 2010.

It is imperative that diplomacy yields positive results for the sovereignity of the North Pole otherwise the furture looks dark.


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