Opinion: Intolerance; Democratic Process

In our modern day and age, it is not unusual to see many out on the streets engaging in some sort of political action. Be it the riots in Venezuela or the Trump protests in the US. It seems everyone is out and about, protesting about something personal to them. However, in the UK of late, it has become more and more apparent that there is a growing Labour movement that openly protests the result of the general election. This has caused an especial stir in myself for a few reasons, which I will compel myself to write below. I must add however that this is not all members of the Labour party or the left in general. Unfortunately, it appears to be more of the younger generation on the whole.

intolerance 1.jpgFirstly, I must add that political action in a physical form is a great thing. It motivates and spreads awareness for the ideals and hopes of the movement, while also encouraging others to join the cause as one might put it. However, it has become increasingly apparent to me and a few of my close colleagues that many of these within the protest either call for a reformation of government or the standing down of Theresa May. It astounds me that people would be as brash to actually protest against a democratic decision. Have we lost our way? Our society and western civilization are built upon democratic ideals that separate us from the barbaric empires of old, and yet many would see to it that we abolish such principles. This protest highlights this. May I add, the protest also saw some rather violent calls to action, much akin to the American artist Donald beheading incident, and so I leave it to the reader to infer what I insinuate.

This development seems to be the latest development in a long line of aggression from the Labour party and its followers against the Conservative party. Do not mistake me, I mean aggression that exceeds the challenges of parliament and political debate, I mean physical aggression towards supporters or any of those on the right side of the spectrum. It was vividly apparent during the run-up to the general election that things have become more personal than ever with the involvement of the youth into this new area of politics. So much so that I often felt ashamed for supporting the Conservative party. It feels to me as if the younger generation has been bred to vote Labour, while also attacking the Conservative party and its supporters every step of the way. As many of you may understand, being young and supporting the right side of the spectrum is a rare occurrence. However, I do not think that this should invite slander or threats, rather be an opening to constructive debate.

The shunning of right wing principles will not have the desired affect that many young lefties desire, however, and I feel that if anything it will breed an even further right generation of young voters and thinkers. We must not forget that young people, in general, are like clay, moldable and soft. This hatred will breed nothing but hardened right wing thinkers. Some of you may ask why I use the word “hatred” so frequently during this piece, and my answer is because the youth opinion of Conservative thinkers and ideas is nothing short of that. Many have been led to believe that there is no debate to be had and that the time for talking is past. These ideas, galvanised by the protests and marches, the opinion of elders, and friends around them, have forged a intolerant generation of left thinkers, who preach freedom of speech and yet deny it, who preach tolerance and yet abolish, and who would go as far as to demand the destruction of basic democratic principles that make our country what it is.

g20 2.jpgI’d also like to address that this intolerance is an issue not only in Britain, but right now in Hamburg at the G20 meeting, and in recent weeks in the US. This continuation of intolerance will only bring more radical rightward thinkers, and so continue the swing from left to right political thinking. It is a trend amongst the youth and one that has become demonized by speakers like Jeremy Corbyn, who would go as far as to politicize the Grenfell Tower fire.

In fact, I’d go as far as to bargain that many of them care little for the well-being of our country anyway.


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