The Coalition of Chaos

After losing their majority in parliament, the Conservatives decided to strike a deal with the notorious DUP in order to cling onto power. The future for Britain is uncertain and we will need to wait and see what happens as the dust of this shocking election result settles.

Before the UK general election, I predicted that Labour might win a majority. It turns out that my predictions were overly optimistic; however, I was right to a certain extent: contrary to the predictions of polls, Labour managed to gain 30 seats. It is interesting to note that, as leader of the opposition party, Jeremy Corbyn had the opportunity to veto the early election; however he made the wise decision to not exercise his veto right. Sometimes the best course of action is no action.

Labour may have lost this battle, but it looks like they’re going to win the war; they managed to destabilize the Conservative party and have set themselves up nicely for the next general election.

Theresa May called this early election in an attempt to increase the number of Conservative MPs in parliament, but May’s plan backfired: the Conservatives ended up losing 13 seats, resulting in a hung parliament. After backing her party into this tight corner, Theresa May decided to form a coalition government with a North Irish party: the DUP (Democratic Unionist Party).

coalition 1.jpgThe result of this election was a dream come true for the DUP. With a measly 10 seats, they weren’t looking to have any meaningful influence in parliament – then all of a sudden, Theresa May comes knocking at their doorstep, practically begging for their support. At this point, the DUP know that they can squeeze the best possible deal out of the Conservatives, whose options are extremely limited. This was the prerequisite to the billion pound deal the DUP managed to strike with the Conservatives. Those billion pounds that could have been spent elsewhere: on healthcare, education, and infrastructure. Instances like this that make you question whether these politicians are acting in the best interests of the country, or if they are catering to personal agendas.

This mismanagement of funding was somewhat tragically demonstrated by the Grenfell Tower fire that occurred on June 24th. Fire safety experts have concluded that fewer people would have died if more expensive panels had been used in the 2016 refurbishment of the tower: this was literally a problem that could have been solved by having money thrown at it.

coalition 2.jpgIt’s hypocritical of the Conservatives to criticize the Labour party for their supposedly underfunded manifesto and then turn around and plow a billion pounds in an attempt to patch the leaks of their sinking ship: the SS Conservatives. It is a well-known fact that rats are the first to flee a sinking ship, so it will be interesting to see which party members are the first to come to their senses and step down; my money is on Michael Gove, but Theresa May should not be far behind.

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