Canadian Cellphone Prices Drop

We live in a digital world, connected by the device in the palm of our hands. But this can become costly. There is some good news though, for Canadians at least. According to a report from Nordicity Group Limited, commissioned by the Canadian federal government said that lower-tier cellphone plan prices have dropped significantly over the last year.  However, upper-tier plans have become more expensive.

Confused? Let’s break this down. The report covered six major urban centres: Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Regina and Vancouver. Then, cellphone plans were placed into six categories based on the amount of text messages, talk minutes and gigabytes of data allotted per month. The lowest three tiers dropped, with the first tier experiencing a 25% drop. That translates to a price drop of roughly $30. As for the upper three levels, they have undergone an increase that leaves cellphone bills totalling anywhere from $81 to $265 a month.

Evidently, these results are a mixed bag. In part, they signify an increase in affordability for Canadians, which is certainly a positive. Yet, those on family plans are suffering when these plans were originally intended to increase affordability in the first place. Quite ironic.

As a student with an Android phone who is a member of the lower tiers, I think this is great news. Yet, I cannot help think it may be a scam. Many of my friends and acquaintances are iPhone users. As a result of the minimum data required for many of the features including iMessage, they are upper tier cellphone plan consumers. It is my opinion that the industry is very much aware of the cult following behind Apple products, and is thus trying to exploit that rather large portion of consumers while trying to look good. In short, they appear to be master spin doctors.

That said, I am not personally an iPhone user, so I cannot be certain. What is your opinion? Does the price drop seem like it benefits most Canadians? Or does it seem like a rip off?

Leave your comments and thoughts in the section down below.

For further reading, check out the link to CBC’s article:

By Marianna Figueiredo

Hello all,

My name is Marianna Figueiredo. I'm a 19 year old Criminology major at UofT. I have a passion for law, politics, humans rights and journalism.

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