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Happy New Year, from The Youth Journal

Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year from everybody here at The Youth Journal!

Over the course of the past nine months, we’ve published almost 200 articles, and attracted nearly 9,000 viewers from across the globe. One of the most remarkable things that I’ve noticed in all this is that if you look at the map, our viewership has actually been pretty evenly distributed– even in the months where our cumulative readership declined, our cumulative geographic coverage continued to increase dramatically.

What makes us special? We are the affected youth, most of us teenagers, and our commentary is that of a generation examining a world that it will soon inherit. Our research and writing represents the probing hands of what is fundamentally a very different civilization from the one that our older contemporaries grew up in. One that, thanks in part to the rise of the internet and social media, can finally see itself, and is just trying to come to terms with what it sees in the mirror.

Every generation thus far has had its great communicators, and our generation will have them as well. The difference, between our politicians, our writers, our orators, and those of generations past, is that when ours go down in history, they will be remembered for having the most substance, and the most unified front of them all. I know that ours will succeed in bringing the world closer together, because ours will be the first to have seen exactly where our divisions lie. That’s what The Youth Journal is all about.

I hope that made sense. Those of you who have been writing with us for a while know that feeling, you probably felt it each time you clicked, “submit”. You’ve wondered whether you managed to communicate your points effectively, or if it’ll all sound like a bunch of word soup to anyone besides yourself. I think that feeling is a sign that you’re pushing boundaries, and expanding your capabilities. Or maybe I’m just crazy. I dunno. I don’t have the answers. It’s the end of the year, so it’s okay to be a little bit existential, right?

Looking forward to a great 2018, see you all next year!

Ryan Beam, Chief Editor of The Youth Journal.

By Ryan Beam

Passionate about swimming, running, CAD, 3D printing, Twisty Puzzles, Writing, Speaking, and Space Travel, not necessarily all in that order.

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