Ontario’s First Indigenous Senator

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on Thursday that he has chosen a new senator.The new senator is a female Indigenous name Yvonne Boyer. What makes her different is she is Ontario’s first Indigenous senator.

Boyer, is a member of the Metis nation of Ontario and has family roots with the Metis nation of Saskatchewan and Red River.She is a lawyer, researcher and professor.Currently Dr.Boyer is a law professor and university associate director for health law, policy and ethics at University of Ottawa.

She has also been part of many other organization which have worked closely  with indigenous people.Such as,Native Women’s Association of Canada and as a senior policy analyst and legal adviser at the National Aboriginal Health Organization.

Her main focus through out her career was improving how health care was given to Indigenous people and the inequalities in it.Last year, she co-authored a report with a Metis physician Dr. Judith Bartlett .Which was about sterilization of seven Indigenous women in Saskatchewan,on how women have been coerced into being sterilized.

I wish Dr. Boyer well in her new appointment and I am confident that her vast expertise will be an outstanding contribution to the Senate and will serve the best interests of people across this province,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said about her appointment.

Boyer was recommended by the Independent Advisory Board for Senate Appointments and chosen using the merit-based process which is open to all Canadians.

The senate has become more diverse in terms of gender equality, allowing visible minorities and indigenous people. The number of indigenous people has increased a lot in the senate.

Indigenous representation in the Senate is twice as strong as in the House and greater than their share of the population, with 6 Indigenous senators according to policy options survey December 2016.

Hopefully, our senate will continue to grow like this and become more and more diverse, giving various people a chance showing how diverse Canada is.


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