Who We Are

A platform where young writers can expand their journalistic, editorial, and writing abilities.

The Youth Journal is an independent, non-partisan, online publication of politics, economics and international affairs, written by youth intent on engaging other youth to develop a passion for politics and diplomacy.

Our executive team is based in Toronto and Ottawa, Canada, and we employ a strong masthead of young writers from all around the world.

Our mission is simply to provide young, savvy writers with a platform where they can contribute thoughtful, insightful content that helps democratize politics and current affairs for young people everywhere.

The Youth Journal also prides itself as being a platform where young writers can expand their journalistic and editorial abilities, making this publication a useful career-building tool for the writers of tomorrow.

Writer Independence Disclaimer

The views expressed in any article published by The Youth Journal, or written outside of the publication by any regular The Youth Journal staff writer, are solely those of the original writer.

Views are always those of the writer, and the masthead of The Youth Journal is extremely hesitant to limit the subject matter that a writer may publish, given the content follows editorial standards guidelines.

As a result of the masthead taking a laissez-faire approach to publishing, it is possible (and likely) that content on The Youth Journal may be perceived by some as idea-challenging, controversial, or otherwise unfriendly to some readers.

Although we do take responsibility in the event that irresponsible content is published under our name, we do not mandate our writers to do anything except cite their sources and vet their claims, if any are made.

The beliefs of the writers of The Youth Journal are individual, and do not necessarily reflect on any other writer or our institution as a whole.