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The Newest Battlefield Game Wasted a Great Opportunity: Opinion

As late as I am to the party, it still remains to me that Electronic Arts’ (EA) new title Battlefield V–at least from how it’s depicted in its first trailer–is going to be absolute trash. For those unfamiliar with the trailer in question, watch it here. How the Western Front was depicted in the official release trailer was […]

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The Westernisation of Second-Generation Chinese

By Yang Guowei (pseudonym) Toronto; the largest city in Canada. With a total population of almost 3 million, 10.8% of all Torontonians were of Chinese descent as of 2011. But despite having Chinese ancestry, many Chinese-Canadians are vastly different from their peers who have grown up in China. I currently attend a Toronto high school. […]

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Opinion: The Truth About China- In Commemoration of the 68th National Day of the People’s Republic of China

This article is dedicated to all who gave their lives for a better China. China. The Dragon of the East. The Orient. The People’s Republic. What comes to mind when you hear these names? Do you think of pretty women in qipao gracefully dancing? Do you think of pigtailed squint-eyed yellow-skinned people with long fingernails? […]

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Chinese–Indian Standoff Causing Tensions in Donglang

“In June, Indian border guards crossed the boundary into a Chinese-controlled area claimed by Bhutan”