United States

You’re fired! Why the turnover rate of Trump’s White House is higher than any other administration before it.

Something’s been up with the White House lately. Turn on any major news network and the same big bold letters tend to scroll across the screen accompanied by a news anchor’s serious stare eyeing down the camera. This person resigned? Another fired? It seems as though every other day some US official is suddenly out of a […]

Canada Culture & Religion

It’s time for the Canadian Justice System to Acknowledge its Perpetuation of Institutionalized Racism

Outrage broke out in a Saskatchewan courtroom on February 9th, as farmer Gerald Stanley was charged not guilty for the death of indigenous man Colten Boushie after “accidentally” shooting him with his gun in August 2016. Stanley was a white man, who faced an all white jury, in a community known to be racist against […]

Taxes & Economics

Universal Basic Income- Does it Really Work?

As the world continues to change there are many big ideas floating around within the political scene. When talking about economics, one big buzzword has been continuously popping up in both far left and right media outlets – universal basic income. In the simplest sense, universal basic income is when a government gives a set […]