The Trump Presidency in Numbers

It has been six months into Trump’s presidency and the American people are starting to feel “great again”. A Bloomberg poll concluded that despite only 40 percent of Americans approve of the job they’re doing, they are feeling better about themselves, their financial and economic prospects. If Trump’s reading this, it should be a good news for him except one thing – the America’s confident … Continue reading The Trump Presidency in Numbers

Germany and India: Bilateral relations in a nutshell

Bilateral relations between India and Germany are founded on common democratic principles and are marked by a high degree of trust and mutual respect. India was among the first countries to establish diplomatic ties with the Federal Republic of Germany after the Second World War. Relations grew significantly following the end of the Cold War and the reunification of Germany. In the last decade, both economic and political interaction … Continue reading Germany and India: Bilateral relations in a nutshell

South Africa: Second recession in less than a decade

What do you call a country who has experienced a second recession in less than ten years? Disaster? I call it South Africa. Yes, you read it right. South Africa is now officially in its first recession since 2009 after gross domestic product (GDP) shrank by 0.7% in the first quarter of the year, following a 0.3% contraction in the last quarter of 2016. But … Continue reading South Africa: Second recession in less than a decade

Debunking the Scandinavian myth

Scandinavia is a region in northern Europe. The Scandinavian Peninsula is the largest peninsula in Europe and it extends from above the Arctic Circle to the North and Baltic Seas. In the past, Scandinavia has been defined as the three kingdoms that historically shared the Scandinavian Peninsula. Today, most define Scandinavia as a region which includes Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and sometimes Iceland. The Scandinavian countries display qualities … Continue reading Debunking the Scandinavian myth

The economic impacts of Terrorism

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever been personally affected by terrorism? Maybe a handful of you have been affected personally by it, but, the majority of you would say “No, we’ve not been personally affected by terrorism”. Well, let’s see the deeper picture. When we hear the word “terrorism”, most of us have a picture of Osama-bin-Laden in our heads, some of … Continue reading The economic impacts of Terrorism