G20? It’s Trump vs. The World

The international community is in disarray. US foreign policy objectives are ambiguous. Long-standing alliances are endangered. Such is the backdrop against the G20 summit. The annual G20 meeting takes place in Hamburg, Germany this year. The leaders of the world’s major economies come together to discuss a plethora of issues. A “Networked World” has been established as the underlying theme of the conference as proposed … Continue reading G20? It’s Trump vs. The World

Decoding the Populist Wave

By now, it is established wisdom that the age of globalization is coming towards an end and is being replaced with hardliner policies- much of which adhere to protectionism and other populist movements.  These policies have significantly altered the current political landscape as we know it. Showing first signs in the Brexit vote and then electing President Trump only to go back to European elections … Continue reading Decoding the Populist Wave

Political Analysis: Rouhani for Iran and the world

In the Islamic Republic of Iran, history is brewing. President Hassan Rouhani of Iran won re-election to serve a second term in the country. Once again after France and South Korea, Iran has chosen a politically moderate leader defying the right-wing populist wave in many ways. What does Rouhani mean for Iran? More importantly, what does Rouhani mean for the rest of the world? Voter … Continue reading Political Analysis: Rouhani for Iran and the world

Deja Vu?: Macron’s Confidential Documents Leaked

The cyber-age has its perils even when it comes to politics. Just ask Hillary Clinton who had a bulk of her e-mails leaked when she used a private server in March 2015. Many say this cost her the presidential election. Is Emmanuel Macron the next victim? On Friday, a collection of links were posted on PasteBin. Among them was 9 gigabytes of classified e-mails and … Continue reading Deja Vu?: Macron’s Confidential Documents Leaked

Trump and Trade do NOT go well together

Donald Trump came out recently with arguably his first real decision on his relatively protectionist, isolationist and anti-globalist foreign policy. He decided to withdraw the United States of America from the negotiation process of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Firstly, the scope and extent of the TPP must be noted: It would reduce prices on imported consumer goods which would benefit low-income workers. U.S incomes were predicted … Continue reading Trump and Trade do NOT go well together

Funding the war in Syria

Syria’s economy has basically caved in. Among the scourges of war in the nation, the livelihood of everyday people has plummeted as they escape the forces that threaten their very life. Economic studies by the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund and independent economists paint a grim picture: Gross Domestic Product is now half of what it was three years ago, according to the IMF … Continue reading Funding the war in Syria