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Gerrymandering: How to Rig a Democratic Election

Many politicians in Western countries seem to understand the importance of fair elections. They boast about their own democratic system, and how it indicates their superiority over countries such as Russia and China, which are generally perceived to have fewer and more poorly executed elections. But are Western elections really “democratic”? Gerrymandering is the act of […]

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Updating the Ethical Rules of Artificial Intelligence

We are living in a world in which we are surrounded by technology. We are now so immersed in smartphones, tablets, and computers that the youngest generation of people who are growing up in this world are labeled as the iGeneration. Named after the sudden rise of the tech conglomerate Apple and their iPods, iPhones, […]

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The Failures of Adoption Systems Worldwide

Owners of bright eyes and innocent smiles, they are enough to light up any room. Whether it’s a grandparent who just met their grandson for the first time or a friend who needs to be picked up after a fall, children bring joy, comfort, and laughter to millions worldwide. Most importantly, these youngsters represent the […]

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Chaos in Charlottesville: Racism, Violence, and Nazism in the USA

For many, the new image of America isn’t a peaceful one; it’s one filled with outraged protesters and crowded mobs. To these people, it seems that for a long time, there have been increasing political tensions in the United States of America. In particular, race and racism have continued to prove to be decisive issues […]

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Why We Still Need Affirmative Action

Education shouldn’t be about race. Ideally, education would be about providing every student with an equal opportunity to succeed in their lives; and thus, the acceptance of a student into a university would be based solely on their merit. However, we live in a world of harsh realities, not one of perfect endings. Students from […]

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Repeating a Dark History: The Withdrawal of Peacekeepers in Darfur

Amidst the war-torn and ravaged Darfur, a region that has not seen peace or stability in over a decade, United Nations peacekeepers protect civilians from the violence that surrounds them.   Members of UNAMID, or the African Union/United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur, symbolize security and humanitarian aid, while also facilitating discussion regarding new agreements […]