South Sudan: A Dilapidated Nation

South Sudan became a free nation on July 9, 2011. This independence was a result of the 2005 civil war. The hideous statistical outcomes of the country shocked the world across. The Sudanese population lives under helpless circumstances with no proper governance. Civilians die in misery and despair. Certainly, it is the current situation in some parts in Africa where the innocent are the ones … Continue reading South Sudan: A Dilapidated Nation

Terrorism at its extreme: The Syrian Civil War and its consequences

ISIL was a product of the genocide in Syria. The genocide in Syria was ISIL’s greatest gift and ISIL was somewhat president Assad’s greatest gift. -Al Jazeera Has anyone ever imagined that one day we will open a newspaper and with every turn, with every page, the newspaper will be filled with bloodshed and the cries of the innocent. No, right? However, this is the … Continue reading Terrorism at its extreme: The Syrian Civil War and its consequences

North Pole Politics

A few months ago, I asked my teacher about the entire crisis emerging in the Middle East. I wondered why the USA intruded between Kuwait and Iraq and declared a war. President Bush had an inane reason for this Persian Gulf War,  “it was a help to Iraq.” How can someone help any country by waging a war? I asked my teacher the reason for … Continue reading North Pole Politics