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The Significance of Treasury Yields

Treasury note yields are important economic indicators that are often overlooked during times of economic expansion. Treasury notes are important to the economy because, in contrast with equities, they have little risk – they are backed by the US economy. When investors believe economic contraction is on the horizon, they will be more interested in […]

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The Economic Importance of Policy Interest Rates

Every month and a half, the news is flooded with reports on the Canadian Central Bank’s most recent policy interest rate decision. What is lacking in these reports is the importance and meaning behind these rate decision. The policy interest rate is extremely important to the economy, with effects ranging from the price of stocks, […]

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The Geo-Economics of Egypt’s New Mega-Capital

Cairo has been Egypt’s capital for over a thousand years, serving as the heart of the nation for millennia and holding special importance as a symbol of Ancient Egypt, housing the Pyramids of Giza, and Islamic Architecture and Culture, being know as “the City of a Thousand Minarets”. But it is also home to over […]

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Indian Agricultural Debt Waivers: A Dangerous Economic Risk?

Guest Submission by Khush Patel Four months after the announcement of the Rs44,000-Crore Rupee Agricultural Debt Waiver Scheme proposed by the Karnataka government (approximately $6 Billion USD) Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh have also announced farm waivers amounting to 31,000 crore rupees ($4.4 Billion USD). In the year 2017, the governments of UP and Maharashtra […]

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Tesla Chairman Steps Down After Great Quarter

Former Tesla chairman Elon Musk has resigned from chairman duties after a fraud scandal. The US accused Musk of saying he’d make his company private and stocks wouldn’t be for sale. Musk’s punishment is a fine of $20 million charged to Tesla and another $20 million to him but he will be allowed to stay […]

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Why Government Intervention in the Economy is Necessary

Capitalism drives innovation. There is almost no doubt in that statement, considering today most of the world lives in one system or another that thrives based on some version of a “free market.” It would be foolish however to also ignore the great costs that these systems bring. When profit is the motive, firms don’t […]

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Taxing Automation: Are “Robot Taxes” Coming to Canada?

A levy against self-driving commercial vehicles could be sooner than you think, as young Albertan students will be debating the prospect next month through Mr. Speaker’s MLA for a Day program. Within this program, 87 high school students — one for each constituency of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta — spend three days in Edmonton […]

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Crisis Indicators are Returning: Is Canada’s Economy in Danger?

Canadian housing has raised at incredible and uncontrollable speeds in recent years. This spike in housing prices has become problematic for cities like Vancouver, British Columbia, where it is so unaffordable that there are empty houses while tens of thousands are left without a place to live. Not only that, but if the economy declined […]

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Why We Shouldn’t Care About The Dow Crashing

One cannot say no one saw this coming. The headlines, however, were alarmist as ever. The source of their doomsday tone: on Monday of this week, the DOW Jones index tumbled over 1,100 points in the United States’ biggest one-day stock fall since 2011. After weeks of boasting stock markets that were “smashing one record […]

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Why Amazon HQ2 is Bad News For Toronto

In 2017, online retail giant, Amazon announced it’s intention to open a second headquarters in North America. This was met by a massive influx of responses as cities across the United States and Canada vied to declare their interest in the project. Some of whom, even included huge tax write-offs in their proposals to sway […]