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Taxing Automation: Are “Robot Taxes” Coming to Canada?

A levy against self-driving commercial vehicles could be sooner than you think, as young Albertan students will be debating the prospect next month through Mr. Speaker’s MLA for a Day program. Within this program, 87 high school students — one for each constituency of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta — spend three days in Edmonton […]

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Opinion: Why Automation Should Be Banned

“There are currently three methods of dealing with the impending disaster, which does NOT include anarcho-primitivism.”

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The Softwood Lumber Dispute: A Beginner’s Guide

Forestry is one of the major cornerstones of the Canadian economy. Canada is home to 10% of the world’s forested land and is the second-largest exporter of forestry goods, which has contributed to the nation having the highest forest trade balance in the world. In short, forestry is an integral part of Canada’s economy and […]

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U.S. Minimum Wage Policy Continues to Fail the Working Poor

July 24, 2009. 4.5 million workers across 31 states were greeted with an increase in the federal minimum wage to $7.25/hour. Signed by former President George W. Bush as part of the Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2007, it created $1.6 billion of increased wages for these families at a time in which the entire […]

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Policy Analysis: How Austerity Failed Europe

Since 2008, conservative policymakers have prescribed austerity as a panacea to the beleaguered economies of Europe. Wolfgang Schäuble, German Minister of Finance, has largely been the face of the greater Eurozone push for austerity, writing up an op-ed in the Financial Times justifying its merits.  Former UK Prime Minister David Cameron described it as ensuring “sound finances” […]

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Is India on a Path to Abolish Child Labour?

Child labor is a serious and complex problem in India which is rooted in poverty. The position of India in terms of child labor is not an appreciable one, with a credible estimate ranging from 60 to 115 million. According to a Campaign Against Child Labor (CAC) 2001 study, India had 12.6 million child laborers. However, […]

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Regulation Concerns in the Rise of the Sharing Economy

Hinged on consumer trust, reputation and ease of operation, the so-claimed “tech companies” such as Uber and Airbnb are mere units of a burgeoning sharing economy. As self-explanatory and spectacular it sounds, it simply isn’t. Now don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of Uber especially for last-minute weekend bonanza and those who […]

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Universal Basic Income Is Not The Answer

A new industrial revolution is coming. In 20–30 years, light industry and assembly will require only a few machinists and heavy industry and milling will require a smaller number of skilled workers. Manufacturing, if it continues to be a mass-scale phenomenon, will no longer provide enough jobs, and even now they have some “lights out” […]