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Does reality TV have real consequences?

As Canada approaches the mid-way point of the summer, seasonal reality TV programming is well underway. Most prominently, the introduction of the hit reality series “Love Island” to  Canadians started on July 9, which originally was created in the U.K., but whose overwhelming success prompted international copies in Denmark, Finland, Germany, Australia, Norway, and Sweden.  […]

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A Colombian Bishop Planned a “Helicopter Exorcism” To Rid a City of Violence. Should Religion Influence Politics?

Rival factions and criminal groups fight for control over the poorest areas of Buenaventura. For decades, Colombia’s main Pacific port, an imperative gateway to the commerce of the Pacific, is plagued with a perpetual terrorism brought upon by waring gangs. Acting as a major route for drug trafficking, parts of the city exist under a […]

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For Indigenous Peoples, the Fight for Reproductive Justice is a Constant Battle

Reproductive autonomy has paid a farewell in several U.S. states. Following Alabama’s near-total ban on the procedure along with five states having passed the heartbeat bill, one’s freedom to obtain safe abortion in parts the U.S. has been significantly undermined, and is also a great loss for survivors and non-survivors of sexual assault. North of […]


The Importance of Self-Care in our own Self-Development

Over the past few years, the perception of wellness has shifted from a focus on physical health to a holistic approach that includes both psychological and physical well-being. Notably, the term “self-care” has been widely used. It is important to note that wellness carries different meanings to not only different cultures, but even individuals within […]

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How the US Education System Feeds a Culture of Sexual Violence

Within modern education is a reflection of rigid societal values. Pertaining to such affairs of publicly assumed anathema, is an associated measure of relevancy a subject obtains within active measures of institutional manipulation, as a direct result of national values and issues taboo in their nature. Given the self reflective nature of an essential national […]

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Corporate Responsibility in the Climate Crisis

In Seattle, Washington, there was a ban placed on plastic straws and utensils in 2018. This ban disallowed the use of plastic straws in local businesses, with a plan to phase them out and to encourage consumers to purchase reusable metal straws to use as a replacement. In Seattle, there is also a tax on […]

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Film Review: Tolkien, 2019

In 1937, J. R. R. Tolkien published The Hobbit, a groundbreaking fantasy novel set in a quasi-medieval magical world, launching his career as one of the most excitingly original novelists in history, creator of a stunningly complex world, complete with multiple languages and a full mythological background. Cue a distinguished academic career as an Oxford […]

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How “Queerbaiting” is Harmful to the LGBTQ+ Community

Minorities are often used as “aesthetics”. Think of the accusations of blackface rippling across the internet, or the stereotypical doll-like Japanese schoolgirl. The latest victim of this fad? The LGBTQ+ community. They must have been able to count the other’s eyelashes. The camera cuts to black just before the two women’s lips touch, but the […]

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The Dangers of a Shortening News Cycle: Opinion

On November 8, 2016, the day that Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, Ohio pig farmer Erik Hagerman decided to stop reading the news. In a modern-day experiment reminiscent of Henry David Thoreau’s retreat to Walden Pond, Hagerman meticulously stripped all his connections to politics and other current events, gaining the label […]

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Organizing Activism for Climate Justice: A Handbook

11 years. That’s how long the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) suspects we have before temperatures could be raised an estimated 1.5ºC  higher than they are today. By the time children beginning kindergarten this year reach their high school graduation date, the Earth’s climate could be catastrophically different from the one we live […]