Executive Team

President: Manas Chawla

Editor-in-Chief: Dermot O’Halloran

Managing Editor, News & Politics: Vacant

Managing Editor, Economy & Finance: Vacant

Managing Editor, World & Society: Vacant

Editorial Team

Canadian News & Politics Editor: Vacant

US News & Politics Editor: Vacant

World Politics & Affairs Editor: Vacant

Business & Markets Editor: Vacant

Labour & Industry Editor: Vacant

Taxes & Economics: Vacant

Environment & Climate Editor: Vacant

Culture & Religion Editor: Vacant

Science & Technology Editor: Vacant

Media & Entertainment Editor: Vacant

Health Editor: Vacant

Communications Team

Communications Director: Vacant

Graphics & Visual Design: Vacant

Writer Independence Disclaimer

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Views are always those of the writer. The masthead of The Youth Journal is extremely hesitant to limit the subject matter that a writer may publish, as long as writers follow editorial standards guidelines and make an honest and reasonable effort to fact-check and verify their work.

As a result of the masthead taking a laissez-faire approach to publishing, it is possible (and likely) that content on The Youth Journal may be perceived by some as challenging, controversial, or otherwise unfriendly to some readers.

Although we do take responsibility in the event that irresponsible content is published under our name, we do not mandate our writers to do anything except cite their sources and vet their claims, if any are made. The beliefs of the writers of The Youth Journal are those of the individual, and do not necessarily reflect the views of any other writer or our institution as a whole.