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The Youth Journal accepts independent submissions from authors all around the world. We welcome insightful, thought-provoking articles that engage our audience.

We encourage articles tackling topics that haven’t yet surfaced in the mainstream media, and of course, they should cover materials that have not yet been covered by TYJ writers. If written on a common news story, an article should at least offer a new take or perspective on an issue.

If you’d like to ensure your article gets proper consideration, please take note of the following:

  • Articles should always contain hyperlinks to any claims you make with an authentic source (no footnotes or bottom-citations, please)
  • Authors should include a short bio with an accompanying picture of the author, so that you can have your article attributed to you.
  • Articles should be proper length and not require any editing by our editors team. Proofread your article properly.

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All work done for The Youth Journal is currently volunteer. We assume that you own the content that you have sent us, and plagiarism is absolutely not permitted. Those who plagiarise and submit will be blacklisted.