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Pride Toronto’s Internal Conflicts are Symptoms of a Massive Rift

Since Black Lives Matter’s campaign to ban uniformed police officers from the Toronto Pride parade, the issue has remained a hot debate within the parade organization and the larger LGBTQ community. However, this year’s debates demonstrate a much larger rift than previously seen. In January of this year, Pride Toronto’s membership voted 163-161 to maintain […]

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The Hypocrisy of “All Lives Matter”

In 2013, the Black Lives Matter movement began in an attempt to fight against violence and systemic racism against the black community in countries around the world, a campaign that currently is much more predominant in the US. However, once the campaign rose to popularity, it was met by backlash and led to the creation […]

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A Dialogue on Social Activism and Progress

The third Monday of January each year is designated as MLK day in countries who have set aside a day to recognize and remember Dr. Martin Luther King in high regards. His legacy is honored this way, him being a revered activist of social change and opening the doors for many thought provoking conversations in […]