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Opinion: How the Ontario Government is Ignoring an Accessible Housing Crisis

As the cold weather sets in, shelters fill up and more people are inclined to help the homeless. Though Premier Doug Ford has ceased homelessness enumeration reports, it is suspected that the number of homeless people in Ontario has continued to grow. Yet, within this crisis, there is a far bleaker one that is not […]

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Does reality TV have real consequences?

As Canada approaches the mid-way point of the summer, seasonal reality TV programming is well underway. Most prominently, the introduction of the hit reality series “Love Island” to  Canadians started on July 9, which originally was created in the U.K., but whose overwhelming success prompted international copies in Denmark, Finland, Germany, Australia, Norway, and Sweden.  […]

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For Indigenous Peoples, the Fight for Reproductive Justice is a Constant Battle

Reproductive autonomy has paid a farewell in several U.S. states. Following Alabama’s near-total ban on the procedure along with five states having passed the heartbeat bill, one’s freedom to obtain safe abortion in parts the U.S. has been significantly undermined, and is also a great loss for survivors and non-survivors of sexual assault. North of […]


How Colonialism is Still Endangering Indigenous Women in Canada Today

Since the point of contact, Indigenous women, girls and two-spirited (Indigenous term encompassing LGBTQ+ identities) have been instrumental in solidifying settler colonialism in North America. Such is especially true in the Canadian context. Historically, Indigenous two-spirited people and women were removed from positions of stability and power by colonial legislation that enforced patriarchy and European […]

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The Economic Importance of Policy Interest Rates

Every month and a half, the news is flooded with reports on the Canadian Central Bank’s most recent policy interest rate decision. What is lacking in these reports is the importance and meaning behind these rate decision. The policy interest rate is extremely important to the economy, with effects ranging from the price of stocks, […]

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Pride Toronto’s Internal Conflicts are Symptoms of a Massive Rift

Since Black Lives Matter’s campaign to ban uniformed police officers from the Toronto Pride parade, the issue has remained a hot debate within the parade organization and the larger LGBTQ community. However, this year’s debates demonstrate a much larger rift than previously seen. In January of this year, Pride Toronto’s membership voted 163-161 to maintain […]

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Incels: The Underbelly of a Dangerous Internet Subculture

Anyone living in Toronto during the past year likely remembers or was affected by the devastating van attack that occurred last April in North York, killing 10 and injuring 16 others. What may not be common knowledge however is that the perpetrator, Alex Minassian, posted on his Facebook timeline right before his attack, saying: “The […]

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“For the People” vs. the Other 15%: Living with a Disability in the Ford Era

From the very beginning of his campaign, Ontario Premier Doug Ford has claimed he is “for the people”. However, his proposed cuts to social services are damaging to Ontario’s most vulnerable people, especially those like myself, who live with disabilities. According to People Access, an organization dedicated to advocating for accessibility needs, 1.85 million people […]

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1000+ Ontario Teachers Receive “Surplus” Letters in One Day

According to the Toronto Star, more than 3,000 full-time teaching jobs are estimated to be cut from Ontario schools within the next four years. This leaked information may have already seemed extreme and devastating for teachers, students, and families across the province, but the bad news as of April 5th, 2019, seems to be much […]

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Canada and The Future of the Responsibility to Protect

Today’s geopolitical landscape is plagued with radical ideologies and violent extremism from all corners of the world.  From North Korea’s inhumane treatment of citizens in East Asia to the 200,000 civilian death toll of the Syrian civil war, a pervasive pattern of totalitarian states is reminiscent of the horrors of Rwanda and Srebrenica.  The sight […]