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Corporate Responsibility in the Climate Crisis

In Seattle, Washington, there was a ban placed on plastic straws and utensils in 2018. This ban disallowed the use of plastic straws in local businesses, with a plan to phase them out and to encourage consumers to purchase reusable metal straws to use as a replacement. In Seattle, there is also a tax on […]

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How “Queerbaiting” is Harmful to the LGBTQ+ Community

Minorities are often used as “aesthetics”. Think of the accusations of blackface rippling across the internet, or the stereotypical doll-like Japanese schoolgirl. The latest victim of this fad? The LGBTQ+ community. They must have been able to count the other’s eyelashes. The camera cuts to black just before the two women’s lips touch, but the […]

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Canada and The Future of the Responsibility to Protect

Today’s geopolitical landscape is plagued with radical ideologies and violent extremism from all corners of the world.  From North Korea’s inhumane treatment of citizens in East Asia to the 200,000 civilian death toll of the Syrian civil war, a pervasive pattern of totalitarian states is reminiscent of the horrors of Rwanda and Srebrenica.  The sight […]