Environment & Climate Change Policy Analysis

Cyclone Idai: A Reminder that Climate Change is Already on our Doorstep

In the wake of devastating Cyclone Idai sweeping across Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi, the issue of climate change is again being brought front and centre, specifically for those on the African continent. Since its landfall on March 15, Cyclone Idai is said to be “the deadliest tropical cyclone to hit (Southern) Africa” and has left […]

World & Society

Disaster in Mexico DF: an update and how to help

On September 19 at around 2 o’clock, Mexico City and its surrounding areas were hit with a 7.1 magnitude earthquake. The epicentre of this earthquake was found in the neighbouring state of Puebla. While the magnitude of this earthquake may not be of much concern other countries that are already well-prepared to such disasters, such […]