Culture & Religion

Reviving Rangzen: Tibetans from Delhi

A Tibetan still wishes and hopes to have a land on this earth for his final stay. He reconciles his fate while giving this statement as even today, he is five hundred miles away from home. Tibet is unfortunately a country whose existence is still a topic of debate rather than a topic of policy […]

Science & Technology

Edible Ethics: Extending Life’s Longevity, and Its Limitations

Imagine living forever. Imagine never fearing age, sickness, infirmity, or death. It makes sense to want to live forever. We humans have a primal need for self-preservation, which entails seeking our own survival, no matter the cost. This desire to be immortal has long been an unattainable sci-fi fantasy. However, with developing technologies, having eternal […]

Environment & Climate Change

Pasta, Beaches and Earthquakes: Tremors in Ischia

Monday night, an earthquake on the Italian island Ischia killed at least one, injured dozens. The Italian island of Ischia, off the coast of Naples, is in its peak during this tourist season. It is also home to 500,000 locals. On Monday, August 20, 2017, tourists and locals alike were rocked by an earthquake. In […]