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How the US Education System Feeds a Culture of Sexual Violence

Within modern education is a reflection of rigid societal values. Pertaining to such affairs of publicly assumed anathema, is an associated measure of relevancy a subject obtains within active measures of institutional manipulation, as a direct result of national values and issues taboo in their nature. Given the self reflective nature of an essential national […]

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Educating Ourselves In Singapore’s Educational Model

A country’s long-term success is only as good as its educational programs. No nation can succeed in bettering itself without an educational system that strives to empower its youth with the knowledge and skill sets necessary to replace, and perhaps even surpass, its previous generation. With this in mind, the analysis of the world’s best […]

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(Opinion) What School Closures Tell Us About Municipal Politics

Not going to lie, this topic hits me close to home. Despite the fact that I recently graduated from my high school this June, and now attend University, I still find myself bewildered at the fact that the place I called home for 4 years will be gone before I’m done my undergraduate degree. The […]

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How Youth Can Get Involved in Peace Building Around the World

International Youth Day 2017 was dedicated to celebrating young people’s contributions to conflict prevention as well as inclusion, social justice, and sustainable peace. On Saturday, 12th August, the world was celebrating young peace-builders. This brought a very important question to my mind. Why is it so important for young people to be involved in peace-building? Never before […]