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How American Influence Spread Across Britain in the Post-War Period

The chaotic tumult of the Second World War left the imperial powers of Europe shocked and stunted. Britain, despite emerging as a victor of the conflict, had suffered substantial structural and economic damage, and was facing huge housing problems with over 2 million houses having been destroyed in German bomb attack during the war. By […]

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University of Warwick Scandal Exposes Student Activists as Hypocrites

On February 4, the University of Warwick campus burst into a hive of activity as hundreds of members of the student body, as well as numerous dedicated staff and alumni congregated to demonstrate against the University’s handling over what was dubbed the “group chat scandal” by a writer for Warwick’s student newspaper, The Boar. In […]

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This University is Experimenting with Realistic Fieldwork in Criminology

It is often said that hands-on, real life experiences teach us much more than a textbook ever will. This is certainly the case for students in Durham University’s undergraduate criminology program in Durham, North England. The university offers its third-year students a chance to participate in its Inside-Out program. In this program, 12 lucky students […]