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How American Influence Spread Across Britain in the Post-War Period

The chaotic tumult of the Second World War left the imperial powers of Europe shocked and stunted. Britain, despite emerging as a victor of the conflict, had suffered substantial structural and economic damage, and was facing huge housing problems with over 2 million houses having been destroyed in German bomb attack during the war. By […]

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Exclusive: Remembering the Child Victims of War and Exploitation

History is the witness of this fact that whenever there had been any war be it a civil war or world war or any ethnic war or riots, the most troublesome population affected by this aid are children. Even a small fight witnessed by a kid leaves a strong impact on her mind, and when […]

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Review: The Open Veins of Latin America

Disclaimer: This is a re-adaptation and translation of a book review I wrote for one of my graduate seminars back in 2015. My assignment was originally written in Spanish. This article’s purpose is to provide a review of a relevant work in the history and politics of Latin America for those who want to learn […]

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The Implications Behind the Alberto Nisman Trial

“Then we have Hezbollah, the Shia terror group.”

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Chaos in Charlottesville: Racism, Violence, and Nazism in the USA

For many, the new image of America isn’t a peaceful one; it’s one filled with outraged protesters and crowded mobs. To these people, it seems that for a long time, there have been increasing political tensions in the United States of America. In particular, race and racism have continued to prove to be decisive issues […]