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Reviving Rangzen: Tibetans from Delhi

A Tibetan still wishes and hopes to have a land on this earth for his final stay. He reconciles his fate while giving this statement as even today, he is five hundred miles away from home. Tibet is unfortunately a country whose existence is still a topic of debate rather than a topic of policy […]

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South Sudan’s Seemingly Unending War

South Sudan seceded from Sudan in July 2011 to become an independent, sovereign nation. However two years later, in December 2013, disagreements between two former rebel leaders Riek Machar and President Salvar Kirr plunged the nation into what would become a seemingly unending civil war. South Sudan has two main sides of political divide: SPLM, […]

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Kurdistan: A History of the Middle-East’s Largest Quasi-State

Who are the Kurds? In the Middle East, scattered amongst Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran, lives the fourth-largest ethnic group in the region: the Kurds. Inhabiting the mountainous regions along the borders corresponding roughly to the Zagros and Taurus ranges, they are united by race, culture and language, but despite their strong ethnic character and […]


Escaping the After Laughter: Our Battle Against Mental Illness

For the pop-punk niche, this title may strike a chord. Yes, it is a reference to the most recent Paramore album. However, this is not a criticism of it. Rather, it is a reference to an article published by Paper Magazine, which I believe provides a refreshing take on mental health. On May 30th, 2018 Paramore’s lead […]

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The Failures of Adoption Systems Worldwide

Owners of bright eyes and innocent smiles, they are enough to light up any room. Whether it’s a grandparent who just met their grandson for the first time or a friend who needs to be picked up after a fall, children bring joy, comfort, and laughter to millions worldwide. Most importantly, these youngsters represent the […]