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Opinion | Trump is No “Chaotic Good,” He’s A Tool of the US Establishment

In the tabletop fantasy role playing game Dungeons and Dragons, there is something called The Alignment System. This outlines how an individual player is able to categorize their particular character within the game. For example, a character that operates within the bounds of a fictitious law whilst simultaneously lacking in moral character, is labelled “Lawful […]


Is Birthright Citizenship in Canada Coming to an End?

Since 1947, Canada has offered birthright citizenship. In short, this means that any child born on Canadian soil is automatically a Canadian citizen, regardless of their parents’ citizenship. However, Conservatives are looking to end the practice. The federal motion to do so was accepted on August 25, 2018 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The idea of […]

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Israel Threatens African Migrants With Deportation or Imprisonment

The Israeli government has given thousands of African migrants a decision: to leave the country or face imprisonment. If the migrants willingly leave the country within 90 days of the notice they will be given $3,500. Migrants were given the option of going to their home country or third countries. The two African countries commonly […]

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Whose Values are ‘Canadian’ Values?

A City Councillor in Brampton, the ninth-largest city in Canada, with 51% of its population being immigrants, wrote in an email to his fellow councillors and a constituent that, “People of all races, colour, and creeds are eager to come to Brampton and Canada because the white people of this nation have developed a great […]