Canada Policy Analysis

Is Another Québec Referendum on the Horizon?

Featuring the largest voter turnout in Quebec’s history, the tremendously narrow result of the 1995 referendum indicated that a substantial degree of Quebecers carried the political attitude of “provincialism” (“Québec Referendum (1995).”). When 49.4% of voters asserted their discontent by voting “oui” to the question of separation from Canada, Quebec came remarkably close, yet fell […]

Culture & Religion

Reviving Rangzen: Tibetans from Delhi

A Tibetan still wishes and hopes to have a land on this earth for his final stay. He reconciles his fate while giving this statement as even today, he is five hundred miles away from home. Tibet is unfortunately a country whose existence is still a topic of debate rather than a topic of policy […]


The Bloc Québécois: A Divided Party

The Bloc Québécois was left in shambles after seven of its ten MPs decided to leave the party early this month. The seven departed members decided to form a separate parliamentary group. The split in the party is the result of disagreements over the leadership of Martine Ouellet, claiming that her leadership is authoritarian. The […]

World Politics & Affairs

South Sudan: A Brief History of the Dilapidated Nation

South Sudan became a free nation on July 9, 2011. This independence was a result of the 2005 civil war. The hideous statistical outcomes of the country shocked the world across. The Sudanese population lives under helpless circumstances with no proper governance. Civilians die in misery and despair. Certainly, it is the current situation in […]