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Reviving Rangzen: Tibetans from Delhi

A Tibetan still wishes and hopes to have a land on this earth for his final stay. He reconciles his fate while giving this statement as even today, he is five hundred miles away from home. Tibet is unfortunately a country whose existence is still a topic of debate rather than a topic of policy […]

World Politics & Affairs

The Deadlock at Doklam: Chinese–Indian Tensions

As the Indo-China border impasse at Doklam continues without a tangible end in sight, there are several important takeaways to note here. To start with, China has adopted an overtly aggressive position on the issue, it being the aggrieved party. The ‘conditionalities’ from Beijing include “immediate unilateral withdrawal of India’s troops to the Indian side […]

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India Ditches China’s OBOR Summit

The primary objective of the One Belt One Road initiative  is to improve connectivity and cooperation among Asian countries, Africa, China and Europe.Inspired by the Silk Road, the medieval trade routes between Europe and Asia, the emphasis is on increasing land as well as maritime routes. The policy is significant for China since it aims to boost domestic […]