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Indian Agricultural Debt Waivers: A Dangerous Economic Risk?

Guest Submission by Khush Patel Four months after the announcement of the Rs44,000-Crore Rupee Agricultural Debt Waiver Scheme proposed by the Karnataka government (approximately $6 Billion USD) Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh have also announced farm waivers amounting to 31,000 crore rupees ($4.4 Billion USD). In the year 2017, the governments of UP and Maharashtra […]

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Is India on a Path to Abolish Child Labour?

Child labor is a serious and complex problem in India which is rooted in poverty. The position of India in terms of child labor is not an appreciable one, with a credible estimate ranging from 60 to 115 million. According to a Campaign Against Child Labor (CAC) 2001 study, India had 12.6 million child laborers. However, […]