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Indian Agricultural Debt Waivers: A Dangerous Economic Risk?

Guest Submission by Khush Patel Four months after the announcement of the Rs44,000-Crore Rupee Agricultural Debt Waiver Scheme proposed by the Karnataka government (approximately $6 Billion USD) Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh have also announced farm waivers amounting to 31,000 crore rupees ($4.4 Billion USD). In the year 2017, the governments of UP and Maharashtra […]

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The Issues with Canada’s Telecoms Industry: Opinion

While US competitors are vying for the bragging rights of hitting the 5G market first, the big three Canadian telecoms are sitting mum. This comes as no surprise, Canadian cell providers have long been playing second fiddle to their American counterparts. I’ve been a Rogers customer for over two years now, and would have never […]

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Opinion: Why Automation Should Be Banned

“There are currently three methods of dealing with the impending disaster, which does NOT include anarcho-primitivism.”

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Economic Analysis: Future of the Chinese economy

China is still to this day one of the fastest growing economies in the world. High demand from other countries for Chinese exports along with cheap labor helped the country to succeed in reducing their trade deficit as well as capitalize on infrastructure and financial investments. China is not able to maintain same steam as […]