Culture & Religion

How “Queerbaiting” is Harmful to the LGBTQ+ Community

Minorities are often used as “aesthetics”. Think of the accusations of blackface rippling across the internet, or the stereotypical doll-like Japanese schoolgirl. The latest victim of this fad? The LGBTQ+ community. They must have been able to count the other’s eyelashes. The camera cuts to black just before the two women’s lips touch, but the […]


Alberta UCP Members Vote to Potentially “Out” Gay Students, Limit Privacy

At their founding Annual General Meeting (AGM) from May 4 to 6, Alberta’s United Conservative Party (UCP) took a stance on the balance between the rights of parents and of LGBT students. On Sunday morning, 57% of delegates voted in favour of a resolution that would require parents to be informed any time their child […]

United States

US 2020: A Census in Crisis

The United States is scheduled to undergo its 23rd National Population Census in the year 2020. Since 1790, this decennial event has been practiced by the Government of the United States in order to enumerate citizens and  to reapportion congressional districts, the two goals laid out by the US Constitution. In the centuries after its […]