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Opinion: How the Ontario Government is Ignoring an Accessible Housing Crisis

As the cold weather sets in, shelters fill up and more people are inclined to help the homeless. Though Premier Doug Ford has ceased homelessness enumeration reports, it is suspected that the number of homeless people in Ontario has continued to grow. Yet, within this crisis, there is a far bleaker one that is not […]

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“For the People” vs. the Other 15%: Living with a Disability in the Ford Era

From the very beginning of his campaign, Ontario Premier Doug Ford has claimed he is “for the people”. However, his proposed cuts to social services are damaging to Ontario’s most vulnerable people, especially those like myself, who live with disabilities. According to People Access, an organization dedicated to advocating for accessibility needs, 1.85 million people […]

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(Opinion) What School Closures Tell Us About Municipal Politics

Not going to lie, this topic hits me close to home. Despite the fact that I recently graduated from my high school this June, and now attend University, I still find myself bewildered at the fact that the place I called home for 4 years will be gone before I’m done my undergraduate degree. The […]

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The Bad Behind AirBnb

Anyone who has travelled anywhere has likely heard someone recommend AirBnb. The site has taken the tourism and hospitality industry by storm with 150 million users as of March 2017. AirBnb has grown fast, it’s an incredible company that is a must for any traveller. It’s innovative, different, and expanding so fast, but there aren’t […]