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Citizen Diplomacy to the UN: an Interview with Patrick Sciarratta

“(Your) mission is so important, and… you are accomplishing remarkable things. Best wishes to you and everyone at the foundation!”  President William Jefferson Clinton for Patrick Sciarratta. Patrick has gone through a fantastic life path: from a simple student and the creator of a rock band back in 1969 to a famous person and leader […]

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“For the People” vs. the Other 15%: Living with a Disability in the Ford Era

From the very beginning of his campaign, Ontario Premier Doug Ford has claimed he is “for the people”. However, his proposed cuts to social services are damaging to Ontario’s most vulnerable people, especially those like myself, who live with disabilities. According to People Access, an organization dedicated to advocating for accessibility needs, 1.85 million people […]

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Polarized Politics in America: A Look at Political “Self-Segregation”

The social fabric of the American dream imagines a comprehensive determination; of the equality embedded within struggle and empathetic unity. Rejecting the hierarchies and aristocratic tendencies of the old world, America is a beacon of opportunity, a national community of individual righteousness, dependent on a diverse yet equal community of analogous ambitions. This manufactured ideal […]