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Updating the Ethical Rules of Artificial Intelligence

We are living in a world in which we are surrounded by technology. We are now so immersed in smartphones, tablets, and computers that the youngest generation of people who are growing up in this world are labeled as the iGeneration. Named after the sudden rise of the tech conglomerate Apple and their iPods, iPhones, […]

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Opinion: Why Automation Should Be Banned

“There are currently three methods of dealing with the impending disaster, which does NOT include anarcho-primitivism.”

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Universal Basic Income Is Not The Answer

A new industrial revolution is coming. In 20–30 years, light industry and assembly will require only a few machinists and heavy industry and milling will require a smaller number of skilled workers. Manufacturing, if it continues to be a mass-scale phenomenon, will no longer provide enough jobs, and even now they have some “lights out” […]