How Colonialism is Still Endangering Indigenous Women in Canada Today

Since the point of contact, Indigenous women, girls and two-spirited (Indigenous term encompassing LGBTQ+ identities) have been instrumental in solidifying settler colonialism in North America. Such is especially true in the Canadian context. Historically, Indigenous two-spirited people and women were removed from positions of stability and power by colonial legislation that enforced patriarchy and European […]

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How the US Education System Feeds a Culture of Sexual Violence

Within modern education is a reflection of rigid societal values. Pertaining to such affairs of publicly assumed anathema, is an associated measure of relevancy a subject obtains within active measures of institutional manipulation, as a direct result of national values and issues taboo in their nature. Given the self reflective nature of an essential national […]

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University of Warwick Scandal Exposes Student Activists as Hypocrites

On February 4, the University of Warwick campus burst into a hive of activity as hundreds of members of the student body, as well as numerous dedicated staff and alumni congregated to demonstrate against the University’s handling over what was dubbed the “group chat scandal” by a writer for Warwick’s student newspaper, The Boar. In […]

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Why Female Representation in Politics is Important

Following the 2015 Federal Election in Canada, we had a record number of 88 women being elected to the House of Commons, 54 of them being elected for the very first time. While this is an excellent number, and record-breaking, only 26% of the seats in the House of Commons are filled by women. Following […]