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University of Warwick Scandal Exposes Student Activists as Hypocrites

On February 4, the University of Warwick campus burst into a hive of activity as hundreds of members of the student body, as well as numerous dedicated staff and alumni congregated to demonstrate against the University’s handling over what was dubbed the “group chat scandal” by a writer for Warwick’s student newspaper, The Boar. In […]

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The Newest Battlefield Game Wasted a Great Opportunity: Opinion

As late as I am to the party, it still remains to me that Electronic Arts’ (EA) new title Battlefield V–at least from how it’s depicted in its first trailer–is going to be absolute trash. For those unfamiliar with the trailer in question, watch it here. How the Western Front was depicted in the official release trailer was […]

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The Rise of “Youth Committees” in Canada

Various organizations throughout Canada have sought to develop their own Youth Advisory Committees, which gather information from individuals, generally aged 13-19, but some up to 25. The goal of the committees is to hear directly from young people about how to best engage them to grow their influence. They also offer opportunities for students to […]

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The Voices Are Heard: Reflecting On The Iranian Protests

Iran was built by protests. To observe this concept, one does not have to look far into the country’s history. Take the 1979 revolution as an example; a nation once secure under the very foundation of the Pahlavi dynasty was soon met with the swift uprise of an Islamic Republic. A change so powerful yet […]