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The Dangers of a Shortening News Cycle: Opinion

On November 8, 2016, the day that Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, Ohio pig farmer Erik Hagerman decided to stop reading the news. In a modern-day experiment reminiscent of Henry David Thoreau’s retreat to Walden Pond, Hagerman meticulously stripped all his connections to politics and other current events, gaining the label […]

Taxes & Economics

Indian Agricultural Debt Waivers: A Dangerous Economic Risk?

Guest Submission by Khush Patel Four months after the announcement of the Rs44,000-Crore Rupee Agricultural Debt Waiver Scheme proposed by the Karnataka government (approximately $6 Billion USD) Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh have also announced farm waivers amounting to 31,000 crore rupees ($4.4 Billion USD). In the year 2017, the governments of UP and Maharashtra […]

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Tesla Chairman Steps Down After Great Quarter

Former Tesla chairman Elon Musk has resigned from chairman duties after a fraud scandal. The US accused Musk of saying he’d make his company private and stocks wouldn’t be for sale. Musk’s punishment is a fine of $20 million charged to Tesla and another $20 million to him but he will be allowed to stay […]

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Why Government Intervention in the Economy is Necessary

Capitalism drives innovation. There is almost no doubt in that statement, considering today most of the world lives in one system or another that thrives based on some version of a “free market.” It would be foolish however to also ignore the great costs that these systems bring. When profit is the motive, firms don’t […]

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Educating Ourselves In Singapore’s Educational Model

A country’s long-term success is only as good as its educational programs. No nation can succeed in bettering itself without an educational system that strives to empower its youth with the knowledge and skill sets necessary to replace, and perhaps even surpass, its previous generation. With this in mind, the analysis of the world’s best […]

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The Issues with Canada’s Telecoms Industry: Opinion

While US competitors are vying for the bragging rights of hitting the 5G market first, the big three Canadian telecoms are sitting mum. This comes as no surprise, Canadian cell providers have long been playing second fiddle to their American counterparts. I’ve been a Rogers customer for over two years now, and would have never […]

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The Newest Battlefield Game Wasted a Great Opportunity: Opinion

As late as I am to the party, it still remains to me that Electronic Arts’ (EA) new title Battlefield V–at least from how it’s depicted in its first trailer–is going to be absolute trash. For those unfamiliar with the trailer in question, watch it here. How the Western Front was depicted in the official release trailer was […]

Labour & Industry

Taxing Automation: Are “Robot Taxes” Coming to Canada?

A levy against self-driving commercial vehicles could be sooner than you think, as young Albertan students will be debating the prospect next month through Mr. Speaker’s MLA for a Day program. Within this program, 87 high school students — one for each constituency of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta — spend three days in Edmonton […]

Health Science & Technology

Edible Ethics: Revamping How We Approach Disease, and its Downfalls

Gene editing has become a paragon of innovation in the scientific community. Specifically, the use of CRISPR-Cas9, has triggered an abundance of different applications. However, it has also triggered just as many ethical concerns. These ethical concerns are often not made clear to the public; only those involved in highly technical communities are made aware […]

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Seeing America through the Middle East: What’s next for Net Neutrality?

As an American student in Egypt, at any given moment you can experience the impact of Republican values. From the social conservatism to the laissez-faire approach toward the market. For all the GOP’s critiques of the middle east, it is governed by the same guiding principles as the conservative party: traditionalism. Historians face the pressing […]