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A Writer’s Guide to Coping with COVID-19

Canada has been dealing with the COVID-19 epidemic for nearly four months now. Our first recorded case of infection occurred on January 15, 2020. As of April 4, 2020 Canada has 13,912 confirmed cases, with 231 deaths and 2,595 recoveries. This is a trying time, but we will get through it together. We need to […]

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For Indigenous Peoples, the Fight for Reproductive Justice is a Constant Battle

Reproductive autonomy has paid a farewell in several U.S. states. Following Alabama’s near-total ban on the procedure along with five states having passed the heartbeat bill, one’s freedom to obtain safe abortion in parts the U.S. has been significantly undermined, and is also a great loss for survivors and non-survivors of sexual assault. North of […]

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How the US Education System Feeds a Culture of Sexual Violence

Within modern education is a reflection of rigid societal values. Pertaining to such affairs of publicly assumed anathema, is an associated measure of relevancy a subject obtains within active measures of institutional manipulation, as a direct result of national values and issues taboo in their nature. Given the self reflective nature of an essential national […]

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Citizen Diplomacy to the UN: an Interview with Patrick Sciarratta

“(Your) mission is so important, and… you are accomplishing remarkable things. Best wishes to you and everyone at the foundation!”  President William Jefferson Clinton for Patrick Sciarratta. Patrick has gone through a fantastic life path: from a simple student and the creator of a rock band back in 1969 to a famous person and leader […]

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Opinion | Trump is No “Chaotic Good,” He’s A Tool of the US Establishment

In the tabletop fantasy role playing game Dungeons and Dragons, there is something called The Alignment System. This outlines how an individual player is able to categorize their particular character within the game. For example, a character that operates within the bounds of a fictitious law whilst simultaneously lacking in moral character, is labelled “Lawful […]

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The Dangers of a Shortening News Cycle: Opinion

On November 8, 2016, the day that Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, Ohio pig farmer Erik Hagerman decided to stop reading the news. In a modern-day experiment reminiscent of Henry David Thoreau’s retreat to Walden Pond, Hagerman meticulously stripped all his connections to politics and other current events, gaining the label […]

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The War on Drugs is Changing: What’s on the Horizon?

This article has been written by a TYJ Staff Writer, but due to the subject matter of the article, the writer has asked to not have this article listed under their name. This article was reviewed and published by Editing Staff. A Violent Crisis In the dead of night, on April 11, several unknown gunmen […]

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Is Western Society Overly Fixated on “IQ”?

Donald Trump is an individual who is seemingly obsessed with IQ. A quick glance at his Twitter account summons a hearty selection of tweets referencing his Intelligence Quotient, which is peculiar given that he has never once produced evidence of his self-declared “one of the highest” IQs. “Sorry losers and haters, but my I.Q. is […]

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How American Influence Spread Across Britain in the Post-War Period

The chaotic tumult of the Second World War left the imperial powers of Europe shocked and stunted. Britain, despite emerging as a victor of the conflict, had suffered substantial structural and economic damage, and was facing huge housing problems with over 2 million houses having been destroyed in German bomb attack during the war. By […]

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The Fall of Baghuz and the Territorial Defeat of ISIS

Al-Baghuz Fawqani, sometimes referred to as Baghuz, is a small city of about ten thousand people near the Iraqi border which had been, since the beginning of the Syrian Civil War, under the control of the Islamic State. That was, until the 23rd of March, 2019. The US-backed, Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) declared a […]